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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 28, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. conditions will slowly improved through the weekend, but it is not a perfect forcast. we will take a look at our weekend in detail and give you a preview of beach weather coming up. president obama visited the gulf coast and wasted no time. >> he announced manpower will be tripled along the shores. scott thuman has the latest on the top kill effort. >> there is a news conference under way. what they are telling us is a reiteration this is a stop and go process. we were told yesterday we would know if the top killer worked. now it may be another 28 hours before we know of any success. as a flurry of unmanned
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submarines with robotic arms work below the surface, the massive cleanup of love got presidential attention. >> this will soak up the oil. >> the president tried to show he is seeking ownership of the catastrophe. >> i ultimately take responsibility for solving this crisis. i am the president. >> he recognized the anchor will not go away until this mess does -- anger will not go away. >> the president has been here once. >> people say almost six weeks in , they are tired of hoping. >> the bottom line is my beach is empty. my business is empty. >> the images have meant stay away. >> that is why we have launched an advertising campaign to
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spread the truth. >> the truth is that only three beaches on the entire gulf coast have been closed. he encouraged people to visit the others. to keep those beaches clean, bp is accepting international help provided from mexico and even norway. the house has voted to repeal the don't ask don't tell policy. this afternoon the house approved a spending bill with a provision that would do away with the policy that prohibits gays from serving openly. if the senate approves the bill, the pentagon still needs to approve the repeal. >> joe sestak is speaking out about allegations he was encouraged to drop out of the
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race. >> i merely looked at this as just another effort by the democratic establishment -- there was nothing wrong that was done. >> officials acknowledge they asked former president bill clinton to offer him a job if he would drop out of the primary against arlen specter. the white house counsel says there was no improper conduct. the house has denied a request to delay the corruption trial. he asked the justices to delay the trial until they rule on other cases involving the constitutionality of the fraud law. this means his trial starts on thursday. a developing story in the
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district, a construction worker killed in southeast. the construction crew was on a break when two men approached kennedy tried to rob them. a worker was shot and killed -- approached and tried to rob them. >> the prosecution took a hit in the trial of the justice connected to robert wone's murder. steven g. it joins us live with the details. -- stephen tschida joins us live. >> and detective testified about michael price's incriminating behavior at robert wone's funeral. the bulk of testimony focused on minute evidence. the evidence tampering case is built upon a short piece of metal, the knife.
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they allege is a felon for the real murder weapon. is suspected the men got rid of the knife that killed robert. -- it suspected they got rid of the knife. this man says he found cotton fibers on the knife. this led prosecutors to assert this came from a tall, but they are among the most common in the world. >> you are not saying those white fibers came from the tall? he answered, i am not saying that. he quoted from a textbook because they are so numerous they can have little value as evidence. he responded, in most cases that is correct. the judge questioned him about the green nylon fibers found on
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a t-shirt at the defendant's home. he said they matched those of the shorts found on wone, but they had been sliced. the paramedics cut them off wone. but a sloppy police work led to cross contamination of the evidence. the three men on trial contended an intruder broke into their home and left. the prosecution made some ground when he testified he found no .races of robert wone's t-shirt >> an undercover bust and a small town. what police found in this gas station. >> why some of history's most
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well-known whistle-blowers' came to washington. >> and marathon --
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police say they busted up an illegal gambling operation at a gas station. police found eight gambling
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machines in the station in brentwood. after months of work, police say the operation was busted. so far no charges have been filed. today is graduation day at the naval academy. the speaker was vice president joe biden. the vice president praised the commission's officers, including a 11 graduates who will be among the first women to serve on the submarines. it has been 30 years since the first women graduated. >> two runners wrapping up an amazing trip to honor wounded veterans. they are finishing their marathon by completing -- they have run 515 miles in three weeks to encourage wounded veteran spirit they were joined by civilians along the way.
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>> it feels great to finish up on memorial day at arlington. it has been an incredible journey with me. >> they are also raising awareness for military awareness programs. they want to increase funding for long-term care for veterans. >> people known for blowing the whistle are encouraging others to speak out. >> some rain tonight. will it clear out for the weekend? we have the weekend forecast. >> the nationals are in a very dangerous stretch. how about baseball? fight night in the southern conference. i will tel
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[ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride
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♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪ >> they blew the whistle on many things. >> they hope this will inspire other people to follow their lead.
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>> there was an extraordinary gathering in washington. iconic whistle-blowers and others met to share stories that save lives and changed the way our nation views accountability. >> i did 4000 pages -- >> he released the pentagon papers detailing the failings of the vietnam war. >> i was trying to do what i could. >> serpico was the guy who uncover corruption in new york city. >> his story was chronicled in a blockbuster film. >> i didn't put the roaches there. but they are always there. >> they are also here to push legislation that better protect federal employees willing to report waste, fraud and abuse. >> it gives employees some
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protection. it is not enough but more than what we had. >> this man exposed the dangers that poorly armored humvees exposed marines killed in iraq. >> a lot of kids were getting hurt and killed unnecessarily. >> these also believe present- day tragedies, from a massive oil leaks -- they could be prevented it someone had the courage to come forward. >> [unintelligible] the world would be a far darker place without you. >> if you see waste, fraud or abuse all you have to go is -- all you have to do is go tobin -- go to
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>> memorial day weekend is traditionally the first -- first beach getaway weekend. 395 is moving nicely. route 50 shows a smooth ride. newschopper 7 is live over the beltway. a small accident their backing things up. now we need some good weather to go with it. >> for all the folks who are at their jobs, what kind of weather? >> it will feel more like a fourth of july weekend. tomorrow will be questionable because not sure how much sunshine we will get. let's look at the supermarket operator -- super doppler radar. we have some pretty good downpour's at the moment, but the trend is weakening. you can see the area southwest -- let's pick up a couple of
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weatherbug sites. 73 degrees in quantico. 74 was the high in walker recanted. 76 was the high temperature today. 66 was the low. we had a heavy thunderstorms last night and cleared out of the area by midnight. kind of a cold start to the weekend. plenty of warm air to go around but it is out to the west. storms will fade out of the picture and we could have fought tonight. tomorrow, skies will britain -- we could have fog tonight and skies will brighten. partly cloudy and hot and humid. here is what we see. it will turn partly sunny
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tomorrow but it will be cooler air temperatures in the upper 60's. as we get through sunday and monday it will improve. 75 at the mid atlantic beaches. as we get through sunday afternoon, thunderstorms are a possibility. water temperatures are very chilly. it will start to warm up. 80 degrees at virginia beach, but maybe the local beaches might be warmer. maybe 80 by this upcoming memorial day. here is the next seven days for you. hot and humid. more thunderstorms on tuesday. looking next week, sunshine with highs in the mid 80's. what happened to the
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nationalist streak? >> they are playing well, but they are still over 500. they have lost nine of their first 13 games. san diego has won seven of its last eight games against the nationals. this is how close they are to being a game over. this look like his second home run of the day. it went off the top of the wall and the nationals lost to the giants. the nationals could not hold a lead and now you look at the standings. they are in the national league east and only to back -- only two back. i am not one of those guys who says stephen strasburg is the answer, but he is a major piece of the puzzle.
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here is some inside information from one of his teammates. he says strasburg is ready. >> [inaudible] he is a great secondary pitcher. he is [unintelligible] >> he is expected to be in washington for the series against the pirates. did you see this role? there is a collision at the plate. -- did you see this brawl? he was supposed to slide. but coach injured his shoulder throwing a punch. citadel beat elon in 10 innings. in the nba, folks are still talking about the finish in the lakers' game. let's go back to los angeles.
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under five seconds, it jason richardson banks this in. look at this shot. three seconds left. at the other end, kobe bryant needs a prayer. he shoots from the sidelines with two guys in his face. at the buzzer there was the test. how did he not get blocked out? the bucket counts. the lakers take a 3-2 lead with game 6 tomorrow night. all the talk at colonial has been about phil mickelson's chance to take over the number 1 ranking. but it did not happen. he struggled again today. he missed the cut for the first time this year. finally, the maryland women's lacrosse team is playing syracuse right now. they lead 7-1 in the first half.
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if they advance they will play the winner of tonight's n.c. -- north carolina game. >> did you say there is no place for fighting in baseball?
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only at a select comfort sleep number store. call or click for the store near you. >> and american adventure with a bunch of helium balloons.
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this man was strapped to a chair connected to several dozen helium balloons. he left from southeast england and the five hours later lowered himself into a field in france by cutting some balloons away. some people have tried this with lawn chairs and it doesn't work well. >> you have to watch out for the siegel's. -- seagulls. >> a few showers pop up on the eastern side of the city. more storms to the west of town. here is your weekend forecast. isolated showers tomorrow. hot and humid sunday and monday with thunderstorms late monday afternoon. >>
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